BUI 11: Degradation of Aesthetics Removed
On January 14, 2021, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) removed the degradation of aesthetics beneficial use impairment from the Black River AOC that was caused by environmental issues dating back decades. This beneficial use impairment is the third BUI to be removed from the initial nine BUIs for the Black River Area of Concern. The restoration criteria for this BUI included no observed ongoing occurrences of sludge deposits, oil sheens, scum, or other objectionable materials. This BUI removal marks the 100th Beneficial Use Impairment removal from a U.S. Area of Concern (AOC). Being a part of a historic milestone, restoring the Great Lakes, is a great start to 2021!

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October 2019 - Margaret Peak Tree Planting and Ribbon Cutting
400 trees were planted in less than 2 hours on a cold, windy Saturday morning in October. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service drilled the 400 holes, so approximately 50 volunteers could plant the trees.